Did You Know? Fun Facts about Gary Snyder

Here are some fun “Facts” about the owner of Snyders Lures, Gary Snyder.

  1. Gary invented the “Hawger Spoon”. One of the highest selling ice fishing lures of all time!
  2. Gary started “Jig-A-Whopper”. A very successful fishing product company in the 1980’s.
  3. Gary brought “Salmo” Lures to the United States from Poland! Yes, That’s right,The, “Salmo” Lures!!
  4. You, more than likely own a lure designed by Gary and you might not even know it. Gary’s lure designs have been “Knocked off” by many companies.
  5. Gary doesn’t like the limelight, doesn’t like his picture taken and doesn’t like to “Toot” his own horn but he deserves to be recognized for the pioneer that he is!