Introducing the “Flutter Shaker” as seen in the October/November issue of In-Fisherman

What a way to celebrate 100 years of Snyders Lures Innovation with the unveiling of Gary Snyder’s newest creation, the Flutter Shaker! This noise maker and attention grabber is sure to help any angler catch their limit in both the open water season and under the ice! You can find the Flutter Shaker in the latest issue of In-Fisherman magazine, page 15,October/November. The Flutter Shaker comes in 12 color options, size #8 and #10 hooks.

Team Snyders Spotlight Angler, Sam Souter

Sam Souter, Madison,South Dakota. Sam joined the Snyders Lures family two years ago when he was just 15 years old. Sam was discovered by our owner Gary when Sam was working at a bait shop where Snyders Lures are sold. Sam enjoys all that South Dakota’s outdoors has to offer as Sam is not only an outstanding angler but an accomplished hunter as well! Sam is also a great student and an outstanding young man. Sam would like to own his own Guide Service when he finishes school.

Did You Know? Fun Facts about Gary Snyder

Here are some fun “Facts” about the owner of Snyders Lures, Gary Snyder.

  1. Gary invented the “Hawger Spoon”. One of the highest selling ice fishing lures of all time!
  2. Gary started “Jig-A-Whopper”. A very successful fishing product company in the 1980’s.
  3. Gary brought “Salmo” Lures to the United States from Poland! Yes, That’s right,The, “Salmo” Lures!!
  4. You, more than likely own a lure designed by Gary and you might not even know it. Gary’s lure designs have been “Knocked off” by many companies.
  5. Gary doesn’t like the limelight, doesn’t like his picture taken and doesn’t like to “Toot” his own horn but he deserves to be recognized for the pioneer that he is!

Welcome Conner Jared Christianson to Team Snyders!

We are happy to announce the addition of Conner jared Christianson to Team Snyders! Conner lives in the Detroit Lakes area of Minnesota and fishes the area hard core! Conner is the owner of CC Outdoors where he produces You Tube videos of his fishing adventures. He is also active on social media where he has quite the large following. We are very lucky to have Conner and we can’t wait to see what the future holds.

The New “Moon Fry Jig”

We’ve taken the fish catching machine vertical!!! One of our HOTTEST selling ice lures just got a face lift and is now ready for open water as well as hard water. Now with an off set sharp angle hook and the proven Moon Fry profile, Crappie, Bass, Pike and just about everything else that swims doesn’t stand a chance when tempted. Available in 6 colors and 4 sizes of hook. Coming soon to a dealer near you or shop our store.